Valverde fooled Barca Fans with results

Barca Nepal. Once a wise man said, “If you play football with no quality, no style, no beauty, and you play for results only; you are left with nothing at all!”
It is true that most Barcelona fans were left in a delusion that Valverde has actually been improving because he gave us results and I am one of those who was fooled as well but there were still some cules who were against Valverde but the majority of us criticized them!
We called them cRyUiFtAs, and said they should be ready to sacrifice just a little bit of our philosophy for results but it is quite fair to say that without our philosophy, we would be nothing but an ordinary club.
This post is for the appreciation of those Barca fans who understood our situation and I would like to declare this loud and clear that never; should we ever be happy trading our philosophy as that is our identity and we are NOT allowed to trade our identity and live in delusion.
Lastly, I would say that Valverde’s time in Barcelona is over and he should just quit club with respect otherwise president needs to kick him out as soon as possible!


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