Bartomeu and Valverde trying to exchange the club identity for a trophy

Barca Nepal. In recent year Barcelona is collecting trophies a lot but, But some says we lost our identity because of President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Coach Ernesto Valverde.
A pro-Barca fan expresses his unsatisfaction like this.
First Act: Pep Guardiola in his first ever speech as a Barcelona manager: I’m not asking you results, because what I care about is performance. I don’t want to hear people talking about our performance, because we know who we are and what we can do.
Second Act: After the game against Rayo Vallecano in 2014 which Barcelona won with 4 – 0, Xavi confronted Tata Martino for the bad performance Barca had at that game.
Xavi said: We won the results, but we lost our identity.
Third Act: Someone asked Sir Alex Ferguson. Why didn’t you defend against Barcelona in Wembley the way Mourinho defended with inter to win against them?
Ser responded: We are man united, our identity is to be an attacking team. Identity first, everything else comes later.
fourth Act: Johan Cruyff says ”It is better to fail while you’re committed to your vision, rather than failing while you’re committed to other people’s thoughts”
The basis of all these acts is one sentence. Identity comes first, then everything else.
When Barcelona lost to Inter 2010, Chelsea 2012 and Atletico 2016 in the champions league, the whole world respected the Catalan for the great performance they gave in those games.
When City lost to Tottenham, the wisest people of the game said that he went out proud despite the results.
With Valverde, the excuse was always the results.
“He always wins so why criticize him. What did your total football bring to you ?”
All this nonsense…This time the exist was abominable.
Every time we gave a performance worthy of the Barca’s badge and its identity. But this time, we don’t deserve to go through as a system.
When you Sir Bartomeu try to exchange the club identity for a trophy…Is this what makes our club special?
There is a lot of clubs who win trophies. But what made us special is our identity and Principals.
They brought us lovers from all over the globe. Not the trophies.
Until now the reputation of what Pep’s Barca is stuck in all people’s minds and they will never forget.
Our enemy before our friend stands as witnesses to the greatness of the entertainment they brought to the football world.
When your principals are the identity, the trophies will come without any struggle.
But when you desperately chase after the trophies using methods that don’t fit your identity, it will eventually backfire on you.
And even if you succeed using those methods, it won’t be anything special because many others have won it in the same manner.
The solution is in what Ser Ferguson said ‘Identity first, then everything else”
The identity in pep and Erik ten had and Koeman and Xavi. And most importantly it is in the godfather of them all, Johan Cruyff.
We have to think first about restoring our identity.
Because it’s our identity is what will bring us trophies in a manner will force everyone to clap with respect to our team!


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