I will not troll this guy (Madrid Fans reaction)

Barca Nepal. I can use every right of me being a Madrid fan to troll Barcelona fans. And maybe I will do that in the near future.

But, I will not troll this guy (Messi)

I have been saying this whole season. Their whole team literally waits for him to produce some magic and he does that 85 percent of the times. But this match was among those other 15 percent. Many of the same people say Cristiano was the reason we won our 4 UCLs in 5 years.

Even though when I believe Cristiano is the greatest big-game player in the history of the game, still, I hate to break it but no team can win a Champions League because of only one player. If Cristiano was not performing in the final against Liverpool, Bale stepped up and did the needful. The rest of the team is also important and this is what I need to say through this post.

We won the champions league BECAUSE THE REST OF OUR TEAM IS ALSO ACTUALLY VERY GOOD – Toni, Luka, Ramos, Isco, Marcelo, Bale, Benzema, Navas and the rest. Perhaps, people might get this now.

All I can say is that this is a tool that comes with the GOAT status. Players mark these two like anything and if they fail to perform – they are the culprit. You just cannot sit back and wait till Messi saves the game for you as he has been doing all season.

This is for people who think it is possible for one man to carry a team of 11 players to win a champions league. Because this is one of the biggest lies in the football history of the last 10 years when football has been dominated by these two absolute legends of the game.

I will again repeat. I will not troll this guy.

A post from Real Madrid fan.


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