FAN POST: Why we hate Andre Gomes ?

Nilesh Adhikari

Barca Nepal. Most of the Cules don’t like Andre Gome and think that he is a waste of money. Obviously, after his recent interview people have started sympathizing with him. And are showing great support.

Gomes isn’t a typical Barcelona player and there isn’t even a doubt about it. But what he provides is something different, a different dimension.

When Dembele wasn’t at his best we all supported him and argued that he didn’t get enough playing time, once he starts playing regularly he will show what his real worth is. It’s too early to judge him but he’s been really good. Some players take a lot of time to adapt.

And I don’t understand why can’t we do the same with Gomes? Okay, he has been at Barca for more than a year and has still not impressed much of the Cules.(I am not comparing Dembele and Gomes)

But there is a difference between Luis Enrique and Ernesto Valverde. With all due respect to Lucho, Lucho disturbed the balance of the team, he depended too much on the MSN and the work of the entire team was just to pass the ball to our front 3.

EV isn’t like that, he has rebuilt our team really well. He has made our defence line strong as a rock. He has worked on the bench and has used our back up players so well.

Gomes has improved a lot under EV. The problem with Gomes of 2016-17 was Lucho not assigning him a fixed position. Gomes was sometimes a RB, LW, RW, RCM, LCM, CDM and what not. At least EV has been playing Gomes in the midfield (one of the 4 midfielders), sometimes as a wide midfielder and sometimes in the Central role.

In my opinion, Gomes is the best back up we have and as the season ends can be a great back up in the upcoming games. He is better than Paulinho, Denis and Vidal.

Gomes contributes defensively, provides aerial advantage, got good strength, presses the opposition really well and isn’t technically bad. He is sometimes clever as well, our latest instance is Messi’s second goal against Chelsea when Gomes ran towards the penalty spot confusing Moses and leaving enough space for Leo to go ahead.

Gomes needs to be more confident about himself. And one thing, Gomes is really slow. Now, when I say he is slow I am not talking about his sprint speed, I am talking about his decision making. One of the key things a player needs to have at Barca is quick decision making, knowing how to react quickly. Often we have noticed that he wastes too much time thinking where to go or where to pass and ends up losing the possession. Hopefully he will work on that.

We all know the potential Gomes has, the Gomes of Valencia was a beast and we wish to see that midfielder once again.